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We believe there should be an alternative to traditional knowledge management and content sharing, so we created Innos. Innos is designed to foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and connections. It equips curious minds with the right content creation tools to inspire and connect ideas.
Advanced editing and formatting features.
Platform for idea exchange and knowledge sharing.
Suitable for various scenarios such as team knowledge bases, team collaboration, and personal note-taking.
🤔 How's Innos Note different?
It includes 6 features that make idea management more intuitive:
Parallel pages
Use parallel pages to navigate multiple content so you can analyze and ideate better.
Knowledge graph
Make sense of knowledge networks by visualizing, searching, and connecting ideas.
Content blocks
Manage content components with flexible styles and settings.
Express your originality by programming gadgets using our Playground feature.
It helps enable convenient and fun interactions between you and your viewers or among team members.
Auto suggestions
Find the most relevant reference materials with the help of auto suggestions.
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