Innos Note
Team spaces built with pages. Pages built with content blocks. Content blocks that can be connected, synced, and automated.
Track your projects, assign tasks, visualize complex ideas, manage team wiki... Innos' fleet of collaborative features got you covered.
Take school notes, write creative content, manage a personal knowledge database, or build and publish your own website... your ideas can grow safely in this garden.
Build pages as if you're building with blocks
A page is a container for various content blocks . Add as many as you like: to-do lists, quotes, tables, images and files...
Communicate with context
Make clear decisions with easy-to-follow discussions and get notified when something new happens.
Gather your thoughts with virtual whiteboards
Just like the good ol' conference room whiteboards, our Mind Map and Concept Map can help visualize ideas and processes.
Integrate with third party apps
Keep your existing tools and services and connect them with Innos via our fully functional API and automated workflows.
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